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About Express Delivery

Not only are we green and delicious, we aim to be the fastest brussels sprout in the East.  Right now we are trialing express Delivery for Sydney, and will soon be rolling it out further.

Express Delivery is available for set boxes and other items showing the speedy sprout 🥦 icon.  If you only have those items in your cart you are eligible for express delivery, otherwise your first available date will be Regular Delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • About Your Food Collective
    • What does local mean?

      'Local' means Your Food Collective goodies have been grown and produced close to where we live. In fact, on average our product range is sourced no further than 200km from your front door. This means it is grown by your friends and neighbours, you’re supporting your local farmers and you are getting the freshest produce possible.

    • How are you different to a normal online market place?

      We’re passionate about connecting our customers with local producers! To that end, we strive for transparency and authenticity in every aspect of our business. We regularly visit all of our producers so we know exactly how and where your food is coming from. Once your order lands with us, our producers pick those items bring to your local hub. At the hub we assemble your order into one handy parcel, ready for you to collect or delivered right to your door. We aim to do everything we can to make choosing local easy for you!!

    • Why are you better than a super market?

      Queues, crowds, finding a car-park, all that plastic packaging....Ahhh, there are so many reasons we reckon shopping with us beats shopping at a supermarket! The best reason of all is that when you shop with us, more of your dollar gets into the pockets of our local farmers - in fact, up to three time more!! We connect you with local producers. You can get to know them and learn how they do what they do. Also, sourcing produce locally means your food hasn’t travelled half the country to reach your plate. With Your Food Collective your produce is picked to order - there's no sitting around in a warehouse loading dock for weeks. Instead, YFC produce is in the ground until you order it. Once picked, it makes a short voyage to our warehouse in Tighes Hill, creating far less greenhouse gas emissions than produce shipped from far corners of the country, or in some cases, the world. Quite simply local fresh food lasts longer, tastes better and keeps your dollar in the community.

    • Where does the food come from?

      On average our product range is grown and sourced from farms located no more than 200km from your front door. We love our producers and love to visit their farms! Best of all, nurturing supplier relationships and seeing how they grow, what they grow and where they grow helps us appreciate why our produce tastes so darn delicious!! If you'd like visit and of our producers, please reach at hello@yourfoodcollective.com and we can put you in touch.

    • Why are some products not available all year-round?

      Quite simply, if it’s a product is not ready to harvest, we are not able to supply it. All of the produce we offer is grown locally and generally picked the day before your order is packed! When you choose Your Food Collective, you get to eat with the seasons, just as nature intended. Eating what's in season means your food tastes oh-so delicious because it's at its natural peak and picked when it’s just right! This also ensures an ever-changing variety of delicious produce throughout the year - keeping you on your toes in the kitchen!

    • How long will the food last?

      Utilising correct storage methods, yourYour Food Collective goodies should last much longer than their supermarket cousins. That’s because our local produce is picked to order, rather than spending time in a storage facility before reaching you...

      Meat- when kept in the fridge, consume your meat within 4 days. The meat we supply is fresh, so it is suitable to freeze too. Raw sausages can be frozen for up to 2 months, hamburger patties and mince are good for 4 months, steaks, chops and roasts - 6 months, while whole chickens can be kept frozen for one year.

      Ready-made meals- made with fresh ingredients, these are clearly labelled with a ‘best by’ date. Yummiest when eaten fresh, these can also be frozen up to 3 months for later use.

      Fruit and veg-Most of our vegetables keep really well in the fridge, with many customers reporting the taste and crunch is still excellent after 2 weeks! Potatoes, sweet and regular, are generally happy stored in a dark, dry pantry shelf for up to 3 weeks.

      Fruit is best consumed within a few days of becoming ripe. Keep your tomatoes, bananas and citrus in a fruit bowl on the bench. Most other fruits, such as apples and grapes, prefer to keep their cool in the fridge.

    • Is YFC run sustainably?

      Sustainable is our middle name... Well, we'd like it to be! But really, in everything we do - from packing orders to cleaning the staff room - we aim to do things as sustainably as possible. We are tracking towards being completely plastic free, by avoiding plastics wherever we can, and reusing any necessary packaging. Through sourcing our products locally by working with small and medium sized farmers, we contribute to a lowering of greenhouse gases.

      We favour suppliers who share our passion and values around sustainability, and work together to follow appropriate sustainable practices such as reusing boxes, and returning glass bottles.

      Most of our fruit and veg is packed 'nude'. If that's not feasible, produce is wrapped in paper bags. We want to reduce plastic use and are always looking for better alternatives. We're hoping one day it's possible to eliminate plastic in our business altogether!

      Our suppliers all grow with Organic principles. This means keeping pesticides and fertilisers to a minimum and where possible making sure that they derive from plants or animals. This holistic approach to pest management ensures that minimum damage is caused to the environment in the growing process.

    • Do you use plastic packaging?

      Going plastic free is super important to us. While we are tracking towards being completely plastic free - by avoiding plastics wherever we can, and reusing any necessary packaging - there are some fragile products, such as cherry tomatoes and berries, which are currently packaged in plastic punnets to make sure they don't get damaged on the way to your place. Due to health regulations meat is packed in plastic.

      Rest assured, once there is a feasible way to get these products to you in a more sustainable manner we will be onto it! To avoid plastics altogether in your YFC shop, head to our 'Plastic Free' tab located in the centre of the grey banner on the home page.

  • Orders
    • Can I buy extra food at the HUB when I collect my order?

      Yes! We've introduced our extras programme on hub days to prevent any food going to waste. Any excess produce we have to sell will be posted on our Instagram and available to purchase at the Newcastle HUB (only) when you arrive. First come, first served. You can also pick up some of our amazing pantry items there too.

      You can pay for these extras using cash or card.

    • What is the order deadline?

      We currently home deliver (and offer pick-up in select locations) 5 days a week, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Order by 8am and we'll bring your fresh produce to your door the very next weekday! You can check delivery/collection availability on the website by clicking on 'Next Order Slot'in the top right corner.

    • What happens if I miss the cut off?

      There's always a next time... The thing is, as all of our produce is picked to order, it is not possible to add orders after the cut off. This is because our producers will already be busy picking, digging and gathering your food. Of course, you can still place an order but you’ll need to sit tight and wait for the next available collection or delivery day, which you can check by clicking on 'Next Delivery Slot' at the top-right corner of the website.

    • Is there a minimum order?

      No, not all all. You can order up big or choose one or two items - whatever you would like!

    • Can I change my order?

      You can’t change an order once it’s been placed. If you want to add more items just place a separate order and we’ll combine them for you! Make sure you get your order in before the cut off! See here for your cut off.

    • Can I cancel my order?

      We understand that 'life' happens and unforeseen circumstances may mean you need to cancel an order. Email us as soon as you can at hello@yourfoodcollective.com to request a cancellation. If we hear from you 24 hours or more prior to expected delivery/pick up cancellation is possible. If it is less than this time frame, it may mean our producers are already gathering your items and we will not be able to action a cancel.

    • Can I create a regular order so I don't have to do it every week?

      Yes, and your future self will thank you for it! You can use our 'Set and Forget' function to create a regular order. See our 'Set and Forget' section for instructions on how to set it up.

    • Why can't I find a certain product?

      There are two reasons for this; either we haven’t yet been able to source this product in our local area or the product is not in season.

      As all of our produce is grown locally, we are only able to supply food which is in season. If it’s not ready to harvest, we are not able to supply it. This ensures an ever changing variety of delicious produce year-round keeping things interesting.

    • Do you do set food boxes?

      Yes, choosing a set Food Box is a great way to go! You can see our current selection of set Food Boxes here..

    • How do I get a receipt for my order?

      Once you place your order, you will automatically receive a receipt via email.

    • What happens if an item is out of stock?

      If your product is out of stock, we will do our best to find a suitable substitute that is sourced as local as possible. If there is no suitable substitute available we will, of course, refund the item.

    • Oh no, I forgot my order! Can I still pick it up?

      Oh no! We will do our best to unite you with your order, but please note that we do not offer an out of hours delivery or pick up service. If you have forgotten your order will incure a $10 pick-up delivery fee. This is to cover after hours staff wages.

    • Can you give me a specific delivery time?

      For Newcastle and Lake Macquarie customers, our current delivery window is between 1pm - 8pm, Monday to Friday. Our Sydney friends will receive orders in the wee hours - midnight - 6am Tuesday through to Saturday.

      We can't currently refine this window with out disappointment but are always working on improving our service. You will get a text message reminder the night before your order is delivered with the drivers number and can call him if you have any queries on the day.

  • Collection/Delivery
    • Can I have my food delivered to my home?

      Yes - Let us do all of the leg work and drop your order at your front door! We currently offer delivery five days a week. We focus on being as sustainable as possible by not using excessive packaging. If you're not going to be home, please leave your Esky out for us to place your delicious order in.

      Please check our delivery post codes and times here!

      If you're post code isn't on the list, please do get in touch as nothing is impossible.

    • What time is pick up?

      Please click here for information on your local hub collection and delivery times.

    • Where do you deliver to?

      We deliver across Sydney, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Check here for current delivery postcodes. If we don't deliver to your suburb right now, do get in touch - nothing is impossible!

    • Where do I pick up from?

      Your local hub collection point information can be found here.

    • Can I choose when my order will be ready?

      No, your box will always be ready at the same time each week. See here for your local hub info.

    • Where will my order be left if I'm not in?

      We always advise you leave an Esky out if you're not going to be home to receive your delivery. This ensures your food is safe until you get home. Plus, by using your own Esky we can reduce packaging and waste.

      Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for any stolen items after we have delivered. Compensation will be provided at our discretion, so please ensure your goodies are going to be safe if you won't be home.

    • How will my cold food stay cold?

      Items which require cold storage are kept chilled at our hub until collection or delivery. If you choose to have your items delivered, we always advise you to leave out an Esky if you are not going to be home when we deliver. This will ensure your food is safe until you return home. By using your own Esky we can reduce packaging and waste.

    • How much does delivery cost?

      Delivery is a flat fee of $9.95. You can also collect your order from your local hub for free! Your local hub collection point information can be found here.

    • I live in an apartment, how will you deliver to me?

      If you live in an apartment, please leave delivery instructions in the 'notes' section so we know where to find you (see below). It's even better if you're home to accept your delivery. If you're not home we will leave it in the foyer (or your noted location) for you to collect when you arrive home.

      Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for stolen items. Compensation will be given at our discretion. Please ensure your delivery can be left in a safe place.

      Where to leave delivery instructions
    • Do you offer free delivery?

      Free Delivery you say... well it doesn't really exist...

      It has to be paid for somewhere and it's usually the farmers that get squeezed or it's baked into the price you pay. At Your Food Collective we're fully transparent about our costs. We charge a delivery fee for the delivery service which means our producers are still getting 70% - 80% of the dollar, which it up to three times more than they would get through major supermarket chains. It is our mission to make local as easy as possible and as fair as possible.

    • Can I return my boxes each week?

      Yes! As a company tracking towards zero waste we welcome your box, bubble-wrap liner and ice gel packs back with welcome arms…. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration... Simply return them to your local Hub next time you pick up, or for our delivery customers - please leave out for our delivery driver.

      Please make sure that boxes are in good condition and stored in a clean dry area until return or collection. If possible, please break the boxes down into a flat-pack for us. If your boxes cannot be reused by fellow customers, please put them in your home recycling bin.

  • Set and Forget
    • How does a 'Set and Forget' order work?

      A 'Set and Forget' order is an order created by you and scheduled for home delivery (or collection) each week or fortnight. (You choose the frequency). This is the perfect way to get all of your favourite and most-eaten items (eg milk, bread, eggs) to your door on the regular and on auto-pilot! Once your order is set up you will receive an email prompting you to update your order before it is processed. This will allow you to add or remove products from your order - if you need to.

    • How do I create a 'Set and Forget' order?

      At the Shopping Cart you be prompted to select if you want your items as a ‘One-Off Purchase’ or a ‘Set and Forget’ order. If you choose the ‘Set and Forget’ option, the contents of this cart will become a weekly or fortnightly (you get to choose the frequency) recurring order until you cancel it. The day of the week you nominate will be your delivery/collection day moving forward.

      It's super easy to create your recurring 'Set and Forget' order - we are working on a new instructional video to show you - stay tuned!

      Add to Set and Forget
    • Can I add additional 'Set and Forget' products each week?

      You sure can! If you’d like to add items to your 'Set and Forget' order, simply log in, start shopping on the product page. Next, add the additional item(s) to your “Set and Forget” order by clicking on the 'Add to existing subscription' button on the product page.

      Just remember to update your order before your 'Set and Forget' order cut off time, up to 3 days prior to delivery/collection. We will send an email to remind you.

      Add to Set and Forget
    • Can I add additional 'One-Off' Purchases' each week?

      Yes, if you’d like to order additional items to go with your 'Set and Forget' on a one-off basis, you will need to add a separate order and then choose 'Combine with my Set and Forget order' when you get to the check out.

      We're working on an instructional video to show you - stay tuned.

      Combine with Set and Forget
    • What happens if a product is out of stock?

      As you checkout, you'll see a tick box for you to indicate if you are happy for us to make a substitution (or not) for any items out of stock.

      If your chosen product is out of stock, we will do our best to find a suitable substitute. If there is no suitable substitute available, or you have chosen not to receive a substitute, we will refund you for the item.

    • When does the 'Set and Forget' order go through?

      All 'Set and Forget' orders are processed 3-4 days before your nominated delivery/collection day. You will receive an email reminding you to make any changes if needed, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    • Do I get a discount?

      At this point we are not able to offer a discount for 'Set and Forget' items. But think of all that brain-power you're saving by putting your order on auto-pilot! Now that's priceless :)

    • How do I manage my 'Set and Forget' orders?

      Once you have logged into your account, go to ‘Manage Subscription’. This is the place to make any necessary amendments (such as pausing, adding products) to your subscription and individual orders:

      Manage set and forget
    • Can I cancel a 'Set and Forget' order?

      You can cancel a 'Set and Forget' order so long as it is still before our cut off time (up to 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery/pickup)

      To cancel your 'Set and Forget' order simply:

      1. Log in and navigate to 'Manage Subscription'.

        HOw to log in and manage your order
      2. Then chose Cancel Order from the drop-down menu under 'Manage'.

        Remove Set and Forget items
    • Can I adjust a 'Set and Forget' order?

      Yes. Navigate to 'Manage Subscription', then click on 'Order #1'. From here you will be able to pause or skip the order or adjust the quantities of item you receive. Don't forget to click 'Update' when you are done. We've made a quick video to show you how to manage your 'Set and Forget'.

      skip or adjust

      To adjust your quantities, update the numbers below:

      adjust quantities
    • How can I manage settings within 'Set and Forget'

      Once you have logged into your account, navigate to Account Details:

      manage set and forget

      Click on Manage Subscription:

      manage set and forget

      If you'd prefer to watch a quick 'How to' video, your wish is our command!

    • Can I skip a 'Set and Forget' order?

      Going away for a few weeks and need to skip an order or two? No worries, the process is easy:

      1. Log In and go to Manage Subscription.

        Manage a set and Forget order
      2. Chose to skip the order based on date.

        how to skip an order

      Prefer to get the low-down via a quick video? Go here.

  • Payments and Refunds
  • Technical
    • How do I reset my password?

      If you have forgotten your password, don’t panic! When you go to log in, click on ‘Forgot your password?’ which will allow you to reset it.

      Forgotten Password
    • Something on your website isn't working, what should I do?

      If you spot something that isn’t working on our website, please email us at hello@yourfoodcollection.com.au and we'll do our best to fix it.

    • I'd like to leave feedback about your website

      Yes please - we'd love to hear your feedback! Good, bad or even ugly, your comments are very welcome. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and continually seeking ways to improve all aspects of our business. Please email us at hello@yourfoodcollection.com.au

    • Do I need an account to shop?

      No you don't need to set up an account to shop with Your Food Collective. We want to make it as easy as possible for you!

      However, an account can be handy - you'll be able to see your past purchases and modify any "Set and Forget" orders.

    • I can't log into my account...

      If you can't log into your account chances are it's one of two things, which can be sorted out easily:

      1. 1. You don't have an account. Simply create one with your email address and password. When you have an account, all previous orders with that email address will be linked to it, making order tracking easy!

      2. 2. You have forgotten your password: Follow the prompts on the log in page to re-set your password.

    • Once I've signed up for the newsletter does that mean I also have an account?

      No, subscription to our amazing newsletter and creating an account to shop with us are two different things..

      1. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter for amazing seasonal offers, recipes, farm stories and zero-waste life hacks.

      2. Follow this link to create an account.

      Please note, you do not need an account to shop with Your Food Collective. However if you want to track past purchases and modify your "Set and Forget" orders then you will need an account.

  • Recycling
    • Can I bring back my glass bottles to be reused?

      Yes please! We currently accept returns on glass bottles from Udder Farm, Serious Deliria and Pura Vida Organics Kombucha. Please make sure you've given the bottles a good wash before you bring them back to your local Hub, or leave them out for our delivery driver to collect.

      For Kombucha bottle return, we will give you a code so you receive a small discount off your next Kombucha purchase.

    • Can I bring my box back to be reused?

      Yes! As a company tracking towards zero waste we welcome your box, bubble wrap liner and gel ice packs back with welcome arms…. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration... Simply return them to your local Hub next time you pick up, or for our delivery customers - please leave them out them for our delivery driver.

      Please make sure that boxes are in good condition and stored in a clean dry area until return or collection. If your boxes cannot be reused by fellow customers, please put them in your home recycling bin.

  • Food Related Questions
    • Is the food organic?

      Some of our offerings are certified organic. This will always be made clear in the product description, and you can use the‘Organic’ heading on our website homepage to search specifically for certified organic products.

      What’s most important to us, is that our entire product range is local and sustainably grown. While a lot of our producers adhere to the organic growing principles ofHealth,Ecology,Fairness andCare - not all are ‘Certified Organic’.

      We are extremely picky about which producers we choose to work with. They must grow in a sustainable manner and ensure they maintain a healthy balance on their land, using natural fertilisers wherever possible. Caring for both the health of the planet and our customers is our top priority and driving passion.

    • What does 'Grown by Organic Principles' mean?

      Most of our farmers grow by Organic Principles, but not all!

      The four principles of growing organically are: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. Whilst not all of our growers are certified Organic, they all grow by Organic principles in a sustainable way to enhance the health of soil, animals, humans and plants.

      Each of our farmers runs their farms in a sustainable manner and ensures they maintain a healthy balance on their land, using natural fertilisers wherever possible. At Your Food Collective this is really important to us, we want to look after the health of our planet and our customers alike.

    • Why has my honey crystallised and what does it mean?

      Do not fret, your honey is still good.

      If your honey has crystallised, don't worry, this is totally normal for pure unadulterated honey.

      Processed honey can look clear and lovely on your shelf for a long time, this has been heated up and altered for the consumer market.

      Naturally Australian honey produced from native and exotic floral species is composed as follows:

      1. Fructose 44%
      2. Glucose 35%
      3. Moisture 17%
      4. Sucrose 3%
      5. Other less than 1%

      This means Australian honey is made out of over 80% sugar, which is a lot of sugar in very little water, and that make the solution unstable, but also means it will not spoil as the water content is not high enough to start the fermentation process.

      Glucose being less soluble than fructose is the crystallisation 'starter' but other factors such as pollen or propolis in the honey as well as cooler temperatures can help speed up the process.

      So in conclusion, honey that crystallises is good for you and you can still enjoy it. Some people actually like it as it's not so messy, but if you prefer it runny you can simply place the jar in some warm water to bring it back to its liquid state. You may need to repeat this a couple of time but please don't put it in the microwave as this will destroy all of the goodness in the honey.

    • How should I store my Dutch Carrots?

      As Dutch Carrots have so much greenery still attached, some of the moisture gets drawn out of the carrot, potentially leading to a wee bit of bendy-ness.

      The trade-off to using not using plastic in our packaging is that produce is prone to losing moisture faster than it would if wrapped in a plastic bag.

      Your best bet is to cut off the green tops and wrap your carrots in a damp tea towel. That'll help them stay fresh and delicious.

    • How do you keep your produce fresh without using plastic?

      We suggest that you wrap your produce in a damp tea towel in the fridge. That way you'll see your herbs and veggies staying fresh and delicious for much longer.

    • What does Pasture Raised mean?

      Pasture raised animals receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages. Pasture raised animals may receive supplemental organic grains, both during the grazing season and into winter months. These animals also get to enjoy the joys of roaming free in nature.

    • Are your sausages gluten-free?

      Yes! We're happy to say that both our Hunter Natural beef sausages and Merriefield Farm pork sausages are gluten-free.

    • Are your coffee beans already ground?

      Nope, when you order our Suspension Coffee beans you'll get exactly that, a bag of beans. So be sure to let us know if your order notes how you like your beans ground and we'll have the crew cut them especially for you to make your perfect brew.

    • Should I be washing my veggies at home?

      Yes! Although your produce has been washed by our farmers, it is important to remove any surface bacteria before you consume your food. Wash with water or or a mix of water and white vinegar. Root veggies like spuds and sweet potatoes might need a light scrub prior to prep and cooking.

    • Why are my bananas green?

      Your bananas are picked by Wes and Mel at Ocean View Produce, and sometimes our bunches arrive a little on the green side.

      Rest assured they will ripen in a few days, and when they do, they are super sweet! If you want to speed up the process, try popping them in a paper bag with an already ripe banana or apple. This will increase the amount of ethylene gas circulating around the green fruit.

      We think it's better that your bananas arrive a little bit greener so they ripen up at home, rather than on their way there!

    • How do I store my fresh meat?

      Your meat is prepared on the day you receive it - you can't get fresher than that! To ensure your meat lasts as long as possible once you get it home, make sure your fridge temperature is set at 5°C or below. It's essential to segregate different meat products, eg chicken/lamb/ beef should not be stored in the same container. Do the same for cooked and uncooked meat toavoid contamination.

    • How long will my fresh meat last in the fridge?

      When kept in the fridge, it's best to consume your meat within 4 days. The meat we supply is fresh, so it is suitable to freeze too. Raw sausages can be frozen for up to 2 months, hamburger patties and mince are good for 4 months, steaks, chops and roasts - 6 months, while whole chickens can be kept frozen for one year.

Amazingly fresh, local food, direct from producers.

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It’s all Local

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
;Your Food Collective - Why we're different


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