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    Food Related Questions

    by eChic.com.au

  • Food Related Questions
    • Is the food organic?

      Some of our offerings are certified organic. This will always be made clear in the product description, and you can use the‘Organic’ heading on our website homepage to search specifically for certified organic products.

      What’s most important to us, is that our entire product range is local and sustainably grown. While a lot of our producers adhere to the organic growing principles ofHealth,Ecology,Fairness andCare - not all are ‘Certified Organic’.

      We are extremely picky about which producers we choose to work with. They must grow in a sustainable manner and ensure they maintain a healthy balance on their land, using natural fertilisers wherever possible. Caring for both the health of the planet and our customers is our top priority and driving passion. for me detail, head to our sourcing criteria.

    • What does 'Grown by Organic Principles' mean?

      Most of our farmers grow by Organic Principles, but not all!

      The four principles of growing organically are: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. Whilst not all of our growers are certified Organic, they all grow by Organic principles in a sustainable way to enhance the health of soil, animals, humans and plants.

      Each of our farmers runs their farms in a sustainable manner and ensures they maintain a healthy balance on their land, using natural fertilisers wherever possible. At Your Food Collective this is really important to us, we want to look after the health of our planet and our customers alike. You'll find further details in our sourcing criteria.

    • Why has my honey crystallised and what does it mean?

      Do not fret, your honey is still good.

      If your honey has crystallised, don't worry, this is totally normal for pure unadulterated honey.

      Processed honey can look clear and lovely on your shelf for a long time, this has been heated up and altered for the consumer market.

      Naturally Australian honey produced from native and exotic floral species is composed as follows:

      1. Fructose 44%
      2. Glucose 35%
      3. Moisture 17%
      4. Sucrose 3%
      5. Other less than 1%

      This means Australian honey is made out of over 80% sugar, which is a lot of sugar in very little water, and that make the solution unstable, but also means it will not spoil as the water content is not high enough to start the fermentation process.

      Glucose being less soluble than fructose is the crystallisation 'starter' but other factors such as pollen or propolis in the honey as well as cooler temperatures can help speed up the process.

      So in conclusion, honey that crystallises is good for you and you can still enjoy it. Some people actually like it as it's not so messy, but if you prefer it runny you can simply place the jar in some warm water to bring it back to its liquid state. You may need to repeat this a couple of time but please don't put it in the microwave as this will destroy all of the goodness in the honey.

    • How should I store my Dutch Carrots?

      As Dutch Carrots have so much greenery still attached, some of the moisture gets drawn out of the carrot, potentially leading to a wee bit of bendy-ness.

      The trade-off to using not using plastic in our packaging is that produce is prone to losing moisture faster than it would if wrapped in a plastic bag.

      Your best bet is to cut off the green tops and wrap your carrots in a damp tea towel. That'll help them stay fresh and delicious.

    • How do you keep your produce fresh without using plastic?

      We suggest that you wrap your produce in a damp tea towel in the fridge. That way you'll see your herbs and veggies staying fresh and delicious for much longer.

    • What does Pasture Raised mean?

      Pasture raised animals receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages. Pasture raised animals may receive supplemental organic grains, both during the grazing season and into winter months. These animals also get to enjoy the joys of roaming free in nature.

    • Are your sausages gluten-free?

      Yes! We're happy to say that both our Hunter Natural beef sausages and Merriefield Farm pork sausages are gluten-free.

    • Are your coffee beans already ground?

      They can be! To choose your preferred grind, click on the coffee bean product you'd like and choose from 7 different grind instructions. We'll have the crew cut them especially for you to make your perfect brew.

    • Should I be washing my veggies at home?

      Yes! Although your produce has been washed by our farmers, it is important to remove any surface bacteria before you consume your food. Wash with water or or a mix of water and white vinegar. Root veggies like spuds and sweet potatoes might need a light scrub prior to prep and cooking.

    • Why are my bananas green?

      Your bananas are picked by Wes and Mel at Ocean View Produce, and sometimes our bunches arrive a little on the green side.

      Rest assured they will ripen in a few days, and when they do, they are super sweet! If you want to speed up the process, try popping them in a paper bag with an already ripe banana or apple. This will increase the amount of ethylene gas circulating around the green fruit.

      We think it's better that your bananas arrive a little bit greener so they ripen up at home, rather than on their way there!

    • How do I store my fresh meat?

      Your meat is prepared on the day you receive it - you can't get fresher than that! To ensure your meat lasts as long as possible once you get it home, make sure your fridge temperature is set at 5°C or below. It's essential to segregate different meat products, eg chicken/lamb/ beef should not be stored in the same container. Do the same for cooked and uncooked meat to avoid contamination.

    • How long will my fresh meat last in the fridge?

      When kept in the fridge, it's best to consume your meat within 4 days. The meat we supply is fresh, so it is suitable to freeze too. Raw sausages can be frozen for up to 2 months, hamburger patties and mince are good for 4 months, steaks, chops and roasts - 6 months, while whole chickens can be kept frozen for one year.

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