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About Express Delivery

Not only are we green and delicious, we aim to be the fastest brussels sprout in the East.  Right now we are trialing express Delivery for Sydney, and will soon be rolling it out further.

Express Delivery is available for set boxes and other items showing the speedy sprout 🥦 icon.  If you only have those items in your cart you are eligible for express delivery, otherwise your first available date will be Regular Delivery.


Set and Forget

by eChic.com.au

  • Set and Forget
    • How does a 'Set and Forget' order work?

      A 'Set and Forget' order is an order created by you and scheduled for home delivery (or collection) each week or fortnight. (You choose the frequency). This is the perfect way to get all of your favourite and most-eaten items (eg milk, bread, eggs) to your door on the regular and on auto-pilot! Once your order is set up you will receive an email prompting you to update your order before it is processed. This will allow you to add or remove products from your order - if you need to.

    • How do I create a 'Set and Forget' order?

      At the Shopping Cart you be prompted to select if you want your items as a ‘One-Off Purchase’ or a ‘Set and Forget’ order. If you choose the ‘Set and Forget’ option, the contents of this cart will become a weekly or fortnightly (you get to choose the frequency) recurring order until you cancel it. The day of the week you nominate will be your delivery/collection day moving forward.

      It's super easy to create your recurring 'Set and Forget' order - we are working on a new instructional video to show you - stay tuned!

      Add to Set and Forget
    • Can I add additional 'Set and Forget' products each week?

      You sure can! If you’d like to add items to your 'Set and Forget' order, simply log in, start shopping on the product page. Next, add the additional item(s) to your “Set and Forget” order by clicking on the 'Add to existing subscription' button on the product page.

      Just remember to update your order before your 'Set and Forget' order cut off time, up to 3 days prior to delivery/collection. We will send an email to remind you.

      Add to Set and Forget
    • Can I add additional 'One-Off' Purchases' each week?

      Yes, if you’d like to order additional items to go with your 'Set and Forget' on a one-off basis, you will need to add a separate order and then choose 'Combine with my Set and Forget order' when you get to the check out.

      We're working on an instructional video to show you - stay tuned.

      Combine with Set and Forget
    • What happens if a product is out of stock?

      As you checkout, you'll see a tick box for you to indicate if you are happy for us to make a substitution (or not) for any items out of stock.

      If your chosen product is out of stock, we will do our best to find a suitable substitute. If there is no suitable substitute available, or you have chosen not to receive a substitute, we will refund you for the item.

    • When does the 'Set and Forget' order go through?

      All 'Set and Forget' orders are processed 3-4 days before your nominated delivery/collection day. You will receive an email reminding you to make any changes if needed, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    • Do I get a discount?

      At this point we are not able to offer a discount for 'Set and Forget' items. But think of all that brain-power you're saving by putting your order on auto-pilot! Now that's priceless :)

    • How do I manage my 'Set and Forget' orders?

      Once you have logged into your account, go to ‘Manage Subscription’. This is the place to make any necessary amendments (such as pausing, adding products) to your subscription and individual orders:

      Manage set and forget
    • Can I cancel a 'Set and Forget' order?

      You can cancel a 'Set and Forget' order so long as it is still before our cut off time (up to 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery/pickup)

      To cancel your 'Set and Forget' order simply:

      1. Log in and navigate to 'Manage Subscription'.

        HOw to log in and manage your order
      2. Then chose Cancel Order from the drop-down menu under 'Manage'.

        Remove Set and Forget items
    • Can I adjust a 'Set and Forget' order?

      Yes. Navigate to 'Manage Subscription', then click on 'Order #1'. From here you will be able to pause or skip the order or adjust the quantities of item you receive. Don't forget to click 'Update' when you are done. We've made a quick video to show you how to manage your 'Set and Forget'.

      skip or adjust

      To adjust your quantities, update the numbers below:

      adjust quantities
    • How can I manage settings within 'Set and Forget'

      Once you have logged into your account, navigate to Account Details:

      manage set and forget

      Click on Manage Subscription:

      manage set and forget

      If you'd prefer to watch a quick 'How to' video, your wish is our command!

    • Can I skip a 'Set and Forget' order?

      Going away for a few weeks and need to skip an order or two? No worries, the process is easy:

      1. Log In and go to Manage Subscription.

        Manage a set and Forget order
      2. Chose to skip the order based on date.

        how to skip an order

      Prefer to get the low-down via a quick video? Go here.

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