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    What we sell matters - Our Sourcing Criteria

    by Lauren Branson

  • Our Sourcing Criteria
    • What Makes the Cut?

      At Your Food Collective, we’re proud about what we sell because it’s better – better for you and then planet. Every single item that we sell at Your Food Collective meets our strict sourcing criteria. Learn more about the basis for our decision making and dive into specific standards we set for eggs, produce, seafood, meat and grocery items.

    • General Sourcing Criteria

      Your food choices are powerful! When you get them right, they are the single most potent thing we can do as consumers to drive change. Making better food choices allows us to nourish our bodies whilst reducing the impacts of climate change and protecting biodiversity. Told you food is powerful!

      But food’s complicated! Plus. food choices are individual and dependant on 100s of variables. To help make food choices easier and aligned with the sustainability markers that matter, we've spent years developing and refining our strict sourcing criteria. In short we've done research (so much research!) so you don't have to! For every product we carry we look at what’s in in, where it comes from and how it’s grown or made. These are the key drivers for taste, nutritional content and the environmental footprint of food.

      At Your Food Collective we work with producers who grow and make their food with love - because it tastes better that way. We build relationships with our growers and makers that go beyond industry standards. This allows us to understand exactly what goes into making the tastiest, healthiest food whilst protecting our planet. Our producers share our core values for regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, sustainable production, and fair work.

      We do all of this so that you don’t have to! (We get it: decision fatigue is real!).

      Here are the overarching criteria that we use to source the food that gets delivered to your doorstep.

      Amazing Taste -We taste produce at the beginning and end of every crop from every farmer every year. If it’s not amazing, we find another use for it to avoid food waste.

      Local -YFC customers get the freshest food with the smallest carbon footprint, and heaps of other benefits. Over 95% of our fresh produce is grown within 250 kilometres. If we can’t find it locally we source it from as close as we can find. Everything we sell is made in Australia. This means we have shorter seasons of some crops and a smaller range of products, but rest assured we've got all your favourites.

      Transparency -We talk directly to our producers, visit their farms, and demand 100% transparency across the entire supply chain. 

      Natural -We believe in simple food that’s grown and prepared with love on healthy land. The criteria for ingredients we do and don't allow are amongst some of the most rigorous in the industry. We've outlined them by category below.

      Animals -Animals Have Good Lives. Our meats are free range, pasture raised and regeneratively grown. No one has higher standards for the treatment of animals than we do. The result is true outdoor access, vastly better quality of life, and health (plus flavour for you).

      Everyone -Everyone deserves dignity, choice and a living wage. We pay fair prices for food, and we work with suppliers who treat their workers fairly. 

      Food production varies across categories so we have developed set sourcing criteria for each category. These are outlined below.

    • Ingredients we say no to

      Our philosophy is simple when it comes to ingredients- they need to be real food and the fewer the ingredients the better. You won't find a long list of food additives, preservatives, flavor enhances, colorings and artificial sweeteners and fats in our food.

      In a nutshell we stick to real ingredients that are grown with love and have true flavor. 

      You can find the list of ingredients used in a product listed on the product page. If you can't find what you're looking for or need more detail please reach out and we can help you out: hello@yourfoodcollective.com

    • Fresh Produce Sourcing

      We curate our fresh produce range like a wine enthusiast does his cellar, this means it captures the flavor and essence of the soil in which it was grown and the knowledge and love of the people who grew it.

      Transparency -Our growers love it when we come out to visit them, they are transparent about how they grow their food and love sharing their stories with us.

      Where relevant growers work in accordance with the guidelines for fresh produce food safety as set out by the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand, NSW Food Authority and Food Standards Australia. 

      Growing Practices -We are dedicated to supporting those local producers who display a commitment to sustainable farming practices and product quality. We build direct relationships with our growers and understand where they are on their regenerative journey and support them through our network. Our growers typically grow using organic principals and/or use minimal pesticides and fertilizers.

      Local first - Around 95 % of our fresh produce comes from within 250km of our customers' front door. For some staples and where there is seasonal abundance we will go outside this radius to source produce directly from growers who meet our sourcing criteria based on growing practices. This means we're helping reduce food waste, further build local food security and support farmers to transition to regenerative growing practices. All of our fresh produce is Australian grown. Follow our product key and producer descriptions for details on where each product is grown, how it is grown and who it is grown by.

      From time to time based on mitigating circumstances we will need to substitute products. 

    • Seafood Sourcing

      All fish and seafood sold at Your Food Collective must meet the following criteria.
      Producers must be transparent about the catch method and fishing vessels or farm the fish has come from.
      Producers must be open to farm visits and vessel inspections. Producers must comply with all guidelines and requirements as set out by the NSW Food Authority and Food Standards Australia.
      Species are chosen based on their taste, sustainability and proximity to the consumers front door. The complexity of marine and freshwater ecosystems means knowing what to eat is confusing and ever changing. To bring you better seafood choices we regularly scrutinise data from such sources as GoodFish – Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to determine the sustainability of seafood species. Nutritional value, taste, minimal impact to climate change and protection of biodiversity are our upmost priorities.

      From time to time there are product substitutions as required during breeding periods and when water temperatures fluctuate.

    • Egg Sourcing Criteria

      All egg producers must be fully transparent about production methods and open to farm visits. Eggs must be free range, pasture raised on rotating pasture and sourced as close as possible to the end market. Producers must comply with all guidelines and requirements as set out by the NSW Food Authority and Food Standards Australia.

    • Processed and Packaged Food

      We work hard to stock a range of pantry items that meet the needs of our customers' weekly cooking routines from amazing local producers who share our values. We build strong relationships with producers so we understand what goes into the growing and sourcing of ingredients as well as creation of their products. We work with producers who have a direct relationship with their growers and are building transparency across their whole supply chain. We acknowledge that supply chains can be complex and work with producers to improve this and provide grater transparency. Producers must comply with all guidelines and requirements as set out by the NSW Food Authority and Food Standards Australia. All processed and packaged products are made in Australia from the highest percentage of Australian ingredients possible.

  • Local Lauren Branson
    Lauren Branson

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