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12 Life Hacks for Christmas (Part 1/4: Decorations)

by Jess Wehbe

Local 12 Life Hacks for Christmas (Part 1/4: Decorations)


As our gift to you, 12 of the most clever tips and tricks to make your life easier this holiday season. This week’s theme: Decorations. As always, we’ll be decking the halls, not the planet with all our Christmas hacks so buckle up for a truly green festive season.


1. Make your Christmas tree last longer by trimming the base and making sure it never runs out of water. I wish someone had told me (about 3 Christmas’ ago!) that all i had to do to refresh my tree was make a straight cut across the base, taking 2cm off the stump before placing it back into its stand of water. Just like us, hydration is key to maintaining its freshness and vitality. Interesting fact! Trees can absorb as much as 3.5L of water in the first 24 hours - so don’t be shy with that H20! They can take it. For those of you not wanting to put up your tree immediately, extend its lifespan by storing it in a cool place out of wind and sun in a bucket of water.


2. Go DIY on your decorations - plastic is out, sustainable is in! Dump the cheap trinkets that break quickly and wind up in landfill. Instead, why not switch up your styling? Make it a fun activity for yourself or get the kids involved! Have a squizz at some of our favourite eco and budget friendly Christmas decorations you can make at home. 

Dried citrus garland

Cut a lemon, lime or orange and dry your slices in the oven. Watch the colours intensify and adopt a stunning ‘stained glass’ look. Hang individually on a tree or string them in a garland with cinnamon quills for added fragrance.

Dried citrus garland

Christmas cookies

Whip up your favourite cookies making sure to leave a hole on the tops. Get creative with frosting and when you're done, simply store in the freezer. Come Christmas, hang your delicious creations on your evergreen! (Or eat them, your choice).

Christmas cookiesChristmas cookies young girlChristmas cookie decorations

Recycled star ornaments

Handmade and zero waste - these beauties can transform a room, minus the hefty price tag. Best part is - you don’t need to buy anything! You have all the materials at home.

recycled star ornament

Tea light lanterns

Create beautiful lanterns by cutting out Christmas shapes in old wrapping paper or pages from an old magazine or newspaper. Wrap them around old jars, light a candle and watch the room illuminate!

tea light lanterns


So you’re not the creative type? Stress less. Simply fill a glass bowl or vase with some beautiful red and green apples or pears. Talk about festive fresh! Perfect for the time poor and double points if they’re locally grown!

Alternatively, source some vibrant festive flowers from your local - minimal effort, high-class impact. 


3. Scrunch test your wrapping paper. Huh? It’s the secret check to use if you want to know whether your wrapping paper can be recycled or not. Scrunch up the paper in your hands and let it go. If the paper stays scrunched then it can be recycled, but if it unfolds by itself then it likely contains non-recyclable materials. Opt instead for recycled wrapping paper, brown paper or tissue. (The Wrapping Paper Company is a great op - there are loads of sustainable, festive designs to choose from) Also! Don’t forget to store gift bags rather than binning them right away. They can usually be reused more than once with a new tag.

Christmas wrapping


We hope these tips spark some inspiration for a clean, green Christmas this year!

The range of eco and budget friendly decorations are limitless so let your imagination run wild. We'll see you next week for Part 2 of YFC's Christmas Life hacks series. 

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Local Jess Wehbe
Jess Wehbe

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