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5 Simple Tips to Surviving the School Holidays

by Lauren Branson

Local School Holiday Tips from Your Food Collective

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Breathe!

After finding myself in the school system for the second time in my life, this time a little older but probably none the wiser, I’ve fallen into a familiar rhythm.

Yes, it’s all coming back isn’t it…

 A year counted in 4 punchy terms, 10 jam packed weeks! Getting out the door, making lunches, doing homework, washing uniforms, choir practice, book week, silent discos, mufti days, excursions, it’s a roller coaster. Then after ten weeks it stops…  

Alice Cooper couldn’t say it better…

Everyone gets a well-deserved break, we step back from it all, at least that’s what it sounds like in theory…

In all honesty I’m still struggling to get school holidays to work for me, however, I have confidence that by the end of 2033, (60 terms away, Ouch!) when I’ll find myself once again freed from the school system I’ll have it down pat!

For now here are my top five for coming out on top, or at least trying too…

Local –it’s no surprises that as an advocate for a life lived locally holidays are no exception. If your planning a holiday stay close to home. Save yourself the romantic road trip half way across the country. I can assure you that there is nothing romantic about endlessly passing food into the back seat to try and abate repeated requests and questions like I’m bored, are we there yet? You’ll also get the pleasure of cleaning up all of the half eaten crackers and squished bananas when you do finally reach your far-flung destination. Keep it close, two hours max!

Local School Holiday Tips

  • Keep It Simple – 
I’m starting to realise that there is nothing more relaxing than holidaying at home. Sleep in, spend a bit more time at the local park and explore things you never usually have the time for. For us it’s simple… soccer in the park ROCKS!! Or you can fly a kite if soccer isn’t your bag.

Local School Holiday Tips


Get outside –It’s human nature the need to connect with the world around us and nothing is more rewarding that a stroll through the bush. The kids love it, set free among the trails to explore an endless world of wonder. As the kids get older it’s great to get a few guide books and they can start identifying some of the amazing critters they see along the way.


Local School Holiday Tips
Hang out with friends –The terms usually so busy that it’s hard squeezing in enough time to hanging out. Again keep it simple a play at the park or a friendly picnic, it’s just as important for your kids to have a healthy social life as it is for you.

Local School Holiday Tips

Fuel up on Local – Our kids seems to spend a large portion of the holidays eating. Making up for lost time during the term and taking the opportunity to graze. Make sure your fridge is packed full of amazingly fresh local food so you know your growing bodies are getting the most they can out of the food their eating. One of my favorite dinners these holidays was this simple baby zucchini frittata, tastes amazing and you can knock it up in no time which means you all have more time to play!
Local School Holiday Tips


    Baby Zucchini Frittata


    Marie’s Baby Zucchini’s

    Eggs from The Golden Egg Farm

    Udder Farm Feta

    Udder Farm Milk

    Spicy Creek Garlic

    A few sprigs of lemon thyme or whatever herbs you’ve got in the garden

    Homemade preserved lemons with Peter’s lemon’s or you can use lemon rind

    Salt and Pepper

    Spring flowers from the garden to garnish.


    I’m not one for quantity and measurements, just make sure you do enough to fill the pan and you’ll keep everyone happy!

    Lightly fry up baby zucchini in a pan that can go in the oven. I cut most of the zucchini in half and then put some whole ones in as well. Keep a few cut zucchini’s aside to place on top of the frittata once you have added the eggs. Add in chopped garlic and sauté for a few minutes.    

    In a bowl mix together eggs, chopped herbs and milk then season with salt and pepper. Pour mixture into the pan, add left over baby zucchini and feta.

    Cook on low on stove top for 5-7min then transfer to the griller to finish the top.

    Garnish with more fresh herbs and flowers. Enjoy!  

    Local School Holiday Tips

    Remember love local and get your orders in before 12pm on Monday to make sure you can recreate this delicious dinner. And don’t forget to share you school holiday hacks!

    Local Lauren Branson
    Lauren Branson

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