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Buying online vs the supermarket isle, what should you be doing?

by Lauren Branson

Local Buying online vs the supermarket isle, what should you be doing?

I’m sure all of us remember the milko, and have fond memories of a fruit and veg van doing the rounds once a week.

Getting your groceries delivered is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time!!

In the 70’s it looked something like this… Mike and his horse Stumpy doing the rounds.

 Milk Man At Your Food Collective

Online shopping hasn’t revolutionised grocery buying it’s just made it easier to do something most of us did a long time ago.

But what are pro and cons of shopping online vs walking the supermarket isle and what should we be doing it?

  1. Save Time

Wrapping up the grocery shop whilst sitting on the couch or on the bus to work sounds like the ultimate multi tasking! Yes please!!

 Grocery shopping online can save you around 20 days a year! YIKES!!

Yep that’s right, that’s nearly 20 more days to hang out with the kids or 468 hours to spend getting a new hobby off the ground, or diving into that exercise program you can never find time for.


 More time do do what you love! at Your Food Collective

In terms of time efficiency shopping online is a clear winner!!

No more navigating traffic, no more check out ques, no more fluorescent lights and impulse buys!

  1. Shop on a Budget

No more adding to your trolley blindly and getting to the checkout hoping you’ve got the $$ in the bank to cover it.

When you shop online you can see a running total in your cart before you get any where near the checkout. This means you know exactly what you’re spending before you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash!

Make sure you keep an eye on specials each week and stick to your menu plan, again things that are much easier to do from the comfort of your couch than a busy supermarket aisle.

Local fruit and veg at Your Food Collective

  1. It’s Fresh

Ultimately quality starts with sourcing and you can touch every piece of produce and sort through every pear at the supermarket (just like the hundreds of hands before you), but you’re never going to get anything as fresh and full of flavour compared to what’s on offer at a local online retailer like Your Food Collective.

At Your Food Collective our pears and produce are in the paddock ripening on the tree and then picked to order. Rather than harvested firm so they can sit on a loading doc and be shipped through multiple agents.

You’ll really taste the difference and notice how long fresh, local produce lasts compared to food you can pick up in a supermarket isle!

Fresh at Your Food Collective

  1. Grow your Zen

It’s lovely hanging out with the kids but nothing builds tension faster that a trip to the supermarket.

               The parking lot…

               The temptation…

                              The germs…

                              The impulse buys….

Take the kids to the skate park with all the extra time you’ll save by shopping online and leave this years super flu on the supermarket trolley not in your toddlers mouth!

And for those of us with precious newborns, now is the perfect time to create a new habit and ditch the supermarket aisle. Time is so precious and leaving the house most days can feel like climbing Everest. Take the pressure off and have your groceries delivered, I’s a no brainer!

More time with bub at your food collective

  1. Reduce Impulse Buys

All the things you don’t need. Shopping online makes it much easier to avoid temptation and stick to your list. Impulse buys typically increase your bill and often go to waste because you don’t have a plan to use them.

(And no you don’t need the half price mars bar that’s sitting at the register.)

  1. Tackle Food Waste Head-on

Buy Shopping online with local retailer Your Food Collective you’re playing a huge part in reducing food waste before it leaves the paddock, the oven or the dairy.

At Your Food Collective everything is pre sold which means no waste. Compared to the masses of waste that supermarkets through out each week (enough to create a whole new subculture of shopping, (dumpster diving)), that’s a pretty big win.

In the paddock at your food collective

So if it’s more time, better budgeting, fresher food and a greater piece of mind you’re looking for there is no doubt that shopping online is the way to go.

On top of that, when it comes to building a sustainable food future and feeding your family on the freshest produce available nothing beats shopping online, so don’t get left in the supermarket aisle while the rest of us enjoying quality time doing things that we love!

Your Food Collective is doing online like no one else. Pick to order, grown with love and delivered to you door, the perfect place to create a your new online shopping habit!

 The team at your food collective

Local Lauren Branson
Lauren Branson

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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