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Happiness Deconstructed the Key to Loving 2019

Local Happiness Deconstructed the Key to Loving 2019

Change, it's what the new year's all about, well the first two weeks anyway...

World peace, that size 10 dress, less clutter...

                   but when you deconstruct it,

                            at the heart of everything it's happiness

It's the things we do everyday, the conscious decisions we make that add up to equal us. Happy or not...

Luckily for you we've done the hard yards, boiled it all down, distilled it into one word, yes it's that simple. 

A  a small change, a conscious choice and it's all that sits between you and that ultimate goal, happiness


And it does it all...

                          Builds communities

                         tackles climate change

                         employs your friends

                         secures your future,

and if you play your cards right...

                      it will even mean that size 10 dress!


Truly, when it comes to being happy, LOCAL RULES!

We're showing you 5 simple ways you can embrace local and start tracking towards your ultimate happiness!

Know your neighbours
The human need to belong is real - we thrive in tribe. But according to a survey by the Australian Red Cross, 1 in 5 Aussies suffer with loneliness.

Make a difference - get to know your neighbours. Say hello, stop for a chat, ask if everything’s OK. A simple act of friendliness could make a big impact to the wellbeing of someone in your community.

Local fact:The wordwontakalowa is used as a greeting by the traditional owners of the Hunter region, the Awabakal people.

Eat well, be well

Poor health has far-reaching implications - from family around us right through to the national economy. So it’s a no-brainer to aim for good health, and good health starts with good nutrition. Optimal nutrition is readily available in produce consumed as close to harvesting as possible. That’s wherelocal comes in. Food that’s travelled from just up the road can get to your table quicker, full of the exact flavour and nutrients nature intended. 

It’s also worth noting that  most of our producers grow their crops with organic principles, meaning you miss out on questionable chemicals may that trigger food sensitivities and toxic build-up.

Prioritise eating foods grown close to home and as nature intended, and enjoy your health.

Local fact: We supply fare from over44 local producers

Apples from Hillside Harvest at Your Food Collective

Favour the home game

Friends, we really are lucky. Within the Hunter Valley lie a myriad ofproducers passionate about offering the best they possibly can, for us to enjoy. 

Want vegetables, meat, fruit, milk, honey, bread? There is no need to look much further than your front door. Heck, we can even get youskin careandcoffee created right here! 

Pay this dedication forward by favouring local fare over goods produced far away and by faceless corporations, quite possibly owned offshore.

Your spend supports your neighbours and helps provide them with an honest living. Now that feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Local fact:If everyone in Australia ate just one locally grown meal a week,  it would save 4 million barrels of oil each year! That’s enough to fuel the entire country of Italy for two whole days!

Suspension Coffee Beans at Your Food Collective

Stay put

OK, so while we wouldn’t refuse an exotic holiday in a far-flung destination any day of the week, around here is pretty good too. Our local region has amazing walking tracks, entertainment venues, lakes, parks beaches, cafes, dining, beaches and more!

Add it all up and you’ll agree it’s totally possible to have a cracking staycation right here!

When you staylocal, you’ll save petrol and accommodation costs - and not to mention hours in the car with squabbling kids (or it that just me?)

Local fact:Merewether Beach was crowned the “best city beach” in Australia for 2018 in the 101 Best Australian Beaches list. What’s your favourite local beach?

Nobby Beach Newcastle

Boast local
We’ve got so much good stuff happening right under our noses! Be proud people, and spread the word. For example, we bet when you cook withlocal food, you’ll get compliments on the amazingly good REAL taste. Tell ‘em the story behind it! Get to know thelocals who make it possible.

You’ll create an unstoppable ripple of goodness simply by talking and sharing what you know, and perhaps inspire others to follow your lead.

Local fact:Newcastle was originally known as Coal River, then Kingstown.

Amber Drop Honey at Your Food Collective

Care a lot

For sure. creating a positive impact in the world feels deeply challenging. But when you start small and focus on local, you really CAN build the momentum to make a real difference. Try it and see!

Dr Seuss sums it up beautifully;

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Here’s to local!

And a little bit of Loui to contemplate your year of living local, 2019!


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