The Long Lost Art of Shopping on a Budget, 5 Easy Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket…

Local The long lost art of shopping on a budget at your food collective

It’s hard, every week there’s something extra, a night out with the girls, a cuppa with an old friend or saving up for next month’s little getaway.

No matter which way you look at it budgeting to get more out of your money is a skill most of us could do with more of. So, what if I suggested you don’t need more money, just to spend the money you’ve got a little better?

Let’s start with what’s right in front of you, food. How can you nail that weekly shop so it comes in on budget every time?

Local Producers at Your Food Collective

Here are 5 great ways to make it happen! 

  1. Set Yourself a Budget – knowing how much you have to play with is an important starting point. If you don’t have a budget, you don’t know if you’re going over it! When you shop online you can review your entire cart before you've finlaised the payment to make sure it's in budget!
  2. Shop Directly from Local Producers – by cutting out the middle man you can guarantee you’re getting the best quality food for a better price. It will also mean that more of your money goes to the people who grow your food!
  3. Know What’s in Season – Find out what’s in season near you. Food that’s in season is cheaper and tastes better so you’re winning of all fronts.
  4. Shop Locally – Shopping locally from local producers means your food will be fresher because it hasn’t travelled very far to reach you. It also means it will last twice as long before it goes off, which means you can buy less because you’re not wasting as much.
  5. Learn How to Store Your Foodlong before the invention of refrigerators people knew how to make food last. The irony is that today with more choice and better storage options we are wasting more food than ever before! Take the time to learn how to make your food last, then you can actually buy less!

Because we know you’re busy at Your Food Collective we’ve done most of it for you!! A simple way to shop directly to local producers. Everything’s direct, everything’s in season and you can manage your budget as you shop! There is an easy way and we’ve created it for you! Because a night out with the girls shouldn’t be a sometimes thing!

None of it’s rocket science, but by following these 5 simple tips you’ll start to get more out of your money for less when it comes to your grocery shopping!

Come in on budget and love it!

P.S. At Your Food Collective producers are paid fairly for what they do. Yep that means up to 80% of your dollar goes straight back to the farmer, that’s up to four times more than major supermarkets! I know where I’m shopping!!

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$10 off your first order!!

Amazingly fresh, local food, direct from producers.

Making Local Easy!  

Your Food Collective - Fresh Food
Absurdly Fresh Food

Picked to order our food is fresher!

Your Food Collective - Its all Local
It’s all Local

On average from 200km of your front door!

Your Food Collective - We're Transparent
We’re Transparent

Producers receive up to 80% of the price you pay.

Your Food Collective - Build a Better Future
Build a Better Future

For you, for producers and for our children.




Your Food Collective

Buy Directly from Local Farmers

Your Food Collective - Why we're different Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Picked Fresh for Your Order

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Sourced Locally

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Sustainably Farmed

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Producers Receive a Fair Price

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Support Small Scale Farming

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

Food Tastes Amazing and Lasts.

Your Food Collective - Why we're different
;Your Food Collective - Why we're different


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