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The Power of What’s on Your Plate  

by Lauren Branson

Local The Future of Food at Your Food Collective

In our busy lives not many of us have the time to step back and look at the bigger picture. Life’s bloody complicated and if you’re anything like me skimming the surface is sometimes all you can manage. Because if you look too deep you know you’ll find cracks and quite frankly there’s no time for repairs at the moment!

This morning I stopped. I took myself away from the chaos and cleared my head, I looked at the bigger picture and am excited by the fact that we have a choice and the Team at Your Food Collective are knuckling down to make sure you always have a choice. Because we’re focused on the future.

The Future of your Food at Your Food Collective

We have a choice to support our local producers

We have a choice to understand the human element behind the food we’re eating

We have a choice to feed our families food that’s nutritional because it’s been picked when it’s ripe and not months before.

We have a choice to build a sustainable future.

The Future of Food at Your Food Collective

It’s the little things we do each day, all those small choices that will end up being our future. A future where our food is sustainable and all around us and not imported or shipped from half way across the country. A future where are we can taste the food we’re eating. A future where we’re eating the right sort of foods because they taste so bloody good! A future where good food is affordable for everyone.

The Future of Food At Your Food Collective

But it’s also bigger than that, in 2015 the United Nations released their Sustainable Development Goals…

The target: planet wide prosperity by 2030!


The plan outlines 17 specific goals. Staggeringly experts believe that the successful achievement of more than twelve of those goals will require us to focus heavily on the food on our plates and how it got there!

Food is the corner stone of everything we do, it shapes our lives and the future lives of those around us. As consumers in a billion dollar industry we have the power to chose what sort of future we’re building one bite at a time.  

So what does this mean at Your Food Collective?

  • We’re building you an amazing new local hub which will mean we can connect you to more local producers. Make sure you pop in and say hello, it’s a work in progress but we’re getting there!
  • We’re working hard to expand our range so you can do more of your shopping directly with local producers;
  • We’re implementing sustainable systems (good by plastic hello oceans).

And all this is just the beginning. One thing you can be sure of is that Your Food Collective is with you every step of the way, together we’re working towards a future we can be proud of.

From the Team at Your Food Collective, in everything you do today, choose local because it counts!

Local Lauren Branson
Lauren Branson

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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