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    Is That Your Future in the Bin?

    by Lauren Branson

    Local Is That Your Future in the Bin?

    More than 100,000 people in NSW go hungry each month. Meanwhile, as a state we’re throwing out 800,000 tonnes of food a year.

    Throwing away $10 billion, $3,800 per household per year! Straight into the bin..

    War on Waste at Your Food Collective

    None of that sits right, does it?


    Food waste costs you, our farmers and the environment. If food waste was a country it would be the third largest contributor to climate change!

    So let’s do something about it!

    How? Here are some really simple steps you can take to Reduce Food Waste at Home and be Part of a Global Solution…

    It’s not hard, below are some simple things you can do to reduce food waste in your home.

    • Plan Your Meals – Planning your meals will save you time and money. Try and plan a week at a time so you only need to shop once a week. Try to put two simple freezer meals on your list, then if your plans change you’re not wasting anything and the meals can wait until next week. Also, only buy specials if they fit with your meal plan!
    Plan your meals at your food collective
    • Perfect Portions – If you can get the portion sizes right you can significantly reduce your food waste. Try measuring things out, learn how much you should be eating. And don’t worry if you don’t get the portions exactly right - left overs can make the perfect lunch!

    • Love Your Left Overs – Factor left overs into your meal planning. Last night’s dinner makes a nutritious fast lunch the next day. It also helps reduce the number of ingredients you need to buy. If you’re not going to eat leftovers quickly enough, you can freeze them, saving you time and money next week!

    • Shop with a List – It sounds really simple but shopping with a list will help you stick to your meal plan and stay on budget. You won’t double up on things you’ve already got and you can limit those impulse buys because you know you don’t need it! Online shopping is perfect for this, check everything twice before you finalze your purchase. 
    Shot with a list at your food collective
    • Keep it Fresh – The shelf life of our food depends on how we store it. Storing your food correctly will make it last longer and preserve its nutrition. Ways to store your food include freezing it, keeping it in the fridge, storing it in airtight containers or jars, using paper towels to absorb extra moisture and learning how to preserve foods by pickling & fermenting.
    Storage of food at Your Food Collective

      What are we doing at Your Food Collective?

      Your Food Collective at Your Food Collective

      30% of our global food waste is wasted before it even reaches the shops because it’s the wrong size or shape!. So that’s why at Your Food Collective we’ve stepped up to the plate, and don’t discriminate. As long as it tastes great it can make its way to your plate.

      Also keep your eye out for our waste dinners and the new YFC All Sorts Collection in 2018. 'Because life wasn't meant to be perfect"

      Together we can reduce food waste.


      Local Lauren Branson
      Lauren Branson

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      We’re Transparent

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      Your Food Collective - Build a Better Future
      Build a Better Future

      For you, for producers and for our children.




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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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      Your Food Collective - Why we're different
      ;Your Food Collective - Why we're different


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