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What next? – Securing our Future

by Lauren Branson

Local Where to next at your food collective

Supporting local has the power to revolutionise our continent, and it’s something we can all help bring about.

We need change, I think we can all sense that. The recent drought, (a 200 year record breaker), devastating bush fires and now the whole nation in lock down. Things aren’t’ working the way they’re supposed to.

As a nation we’ve taken our eyes off the ball. Laser focused on economic wealth we’ve left the environment ravaged, our health in tatters and communities weakened as we’ve all been clawing our way to financial gain.

But we’ve been afforded a precious re-set. Down time with family and those who matter the most, giving us the head space to re-design our future. To engineer a way to live that will start to bring our nation back from the brink of catastrophe.

FOOD -It’s an essential building block for life, food sustains us physically, has the power to build stronger communities, and depending on where and how it’s grown create the environmental change we need to regenerate our land.

Food at Your Food Collective

But the race to the bottom line and commoditization of food means that apples ain't apples and what we’re filling our shopping cart with each week is a powerful statement about the future we’re building.

Eating locally, directly from the farms of local producers has the power to lay the foundations for a new normal. It’s something that’s accessible to all of us and a change we can all take part in creating.

I made your food at your food collective

But it needs to be authentic, transparent and truly local.

“The definition of local is; relating or restricted to a particular area or one’s neighbourhood.”

For the food we consume to have the power to change our future we need to define local. It’s not national, it’s our neighbourhood. We should be consuming food from on average 200 km of our front door.

Filling our shopping baskets each week on food grown and produced by local farmers will…

  • Reduce household green house gas emissions by up to 85%, directly fighting climate change.
  • Support family farms that use sustainable and regenerative farming practices, nurturing our soil and allowing us to continue farming well into the future.
  • Nourish our bodies on food that tastes amazing because it was ripened on the tree, vine or bush. This also means that on a molecular level the food we’re eating has the nutrients our bodies need and can easily digest, growing healthy bodies.
  • Greatly increase the variety of foods we consume. Our current global food system is largely reliant on less than 12 plant and animal species, this a fraction of the varieties we consumed not even 50 years ago. Eating a diverse range of plants and animals means we have far greater food security and better nutrition.
  • Reduce food waste by up to 50% (Australia currently throws away more than $20 billion worth of food annually).
  • Build stronger communities as we start to connect with the people who grew our food, adding value to the food we’re eating and bringing families together to eat meals grown with and made with love.
Families together over food

    As we embrace a new normal, empower yourself to be the change we need to see and start buying back our future.

    “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”Robert Swan

    Filling your shopping basket each week with food grown on local farms is something we can all do that will have the power to build strong communities, healthy bodies and a sustainable future.

    At Your Food Collective we’re creating that change and making it easy for you to be part of it. When you shop at Your Food Collective you’re not just getting food. You’re getting food grown with love from farms in your neighbourhood, you’re paying producers fairly for the food they grow and you’re making a decision to buy back our future.

    Buying back our future

    At Your Food Collective we’ve built an authentic, transparent and truly local food system, no one else is doing that.

    So as we settle into this new normal create a habit that will stick and be part of the solution we need to buy back our future and build resilience.



    Local Lauren Branson
    Lauren Branson

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