What the Fork! That’s flavourless...

Local What the fork that's flavourless! at Your Food Collective

It’s like living in a cardboard cut out world. Everything looks perfect, big and round, shiny and bright... eat me….

But then when you bite into it there’s something missing, it takes a while to put your finger on it but yes.. that’s it… my food is actually tasteless!

I’m not sure when it started happening, but I know it happens all too often. If my food hasn’t instantly turned to slime in the bottom of the fridge, when it gets to my plate it doesn’t taste like anything!

It’s Not ok to Eat Cardboard! And here are the simple secrets to putting flavour back onto your folk!

Flavour back on your fork at Your Food Collective

I’m not sure when food started tasting like cardboard but I had a light bulb moment whilst I was watching those chubby little fingers shovel strawberries into those cupid like mouths...

Filling up on emptiness in more ways than one..

Here’s what you can do to put flavor back on the table, and I swear you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.

That’s right sista this is the 21 century and the power is all yours! 

Shopping locally at Your Food Collective

  1. Every Food has a Season 

As delicious as strawberries are you shouldn’t be eating them all year round. The truth is that out of season fruit and vegetables taste like, well they don’t actually have a taste.

“Waiting for foods to come into season means tasting them when they are good, but waiting is also part of most value equations. Treating food this way can help move eating from the Routine Maintenance Department over to the Recreation division”. (Barbara Kingsolover,  Animal Vegetable, Miracle)  

At Your Food Collective we’ve connected you directly to local producers so you can rest assured that everything you're eating is in season. Yep that’s why it tastes so bloody good!

Eating Seasonally at Your Food Collective

  1. Eat locally 

Fruits and vegetables have a set amount of nutrients when harvested. They then start to consume these nutrients in order to stay alive. So the longer our food sits around or travels to reach you, the fewer nutrients it contains...

Fresh is best!

At Your Food Collective your food is in the ground until you order it!! That’s Absurdly Fresh!

We’ve done the hard yards for you, so you can shop directly with local producers from the comfort of your couch (no one else lets you do this, you’re food is typically passed between 4-5 sets of hands before it even reaches your store).

P.S. we visit every producer we work with and know just how much love goes into bringing you delicious, nutritious food!

Local Producers at Your Food Collective

  1. Learn how to store your food 

Long before the invention of refrigerators people knew how to make food last. The irony is that today with more choice and better storage options we are wasting more food than ever before! Does a potato belong in the fridge or a dark cupboard, and where do tomatoes really belong?

Keep an eye our for our social pages for regular food storage tips and check out our FAQ page for some old favourites!

Storing your Food at Your Food Collective

  1. Learn how to preserve the season’s harvest 

If you know you’re going to be desperate for strawberries in the middle of July or tomatoes in August, make sure you can satisfy that craving with food that tastes like it should. There are thousands of ways to preserve fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. Be daring and give it a go, take a workshop with someone who knows how or just experiment yourself.

By preserving food when it’s at it’s peak you can be guaranteed it’s full of flavour, so you’re not wasting your time with carboard!

At Your Food Collective we’re always teaming up with local experts to help teach you how to preserve ferment and freeze this seasons harvest!.

Preserving the seasons harvest

  1. Grow what you can at home 

There’s nothing fresher than something that you’ve picked from your own garden. Growing fruit and veggies at home doesn’t take a huge amount of space or time, just a willingness to try. Even if it’s just a tray of micro greens, you’ll be delighted with the results!

Growing at Home at Your Food Collective

If you’re too busy for all of that, we’ve got you covered.

At Your Food Collective, we made local easy. Now you can purchase directly from local producers in the comfort of your living room. Everything’s local, in season and picked just for you! You’ll be drooling in no time, and yes when you're on your couch that’s ok!

It’s never been easier to live locally and love it! You’ll taste the difference.

P.S. Meet the team, it makes things taste even better!!


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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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