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Meet Whitney: Our YFC 'Queen Bee'

by Emily Heath

Local Meet Whitney:  Our YFC 'Queen Bee'

Here at YFC we think our team is pretty amazing... and that's exactly why we want you to meet them. Hard-working, passionate and positive people all working towards the same goal - Making local easy! 

Here's Whitney's lowdown on life at YFC...

What's your role at YFC?
Queen-Bee is our official title, but probably more like a warehouse manager. I am responsible for placing all of the orders with our producers, leading our excellent team on HUB DAY and looking after our premises in Clyde St.

Staff working at Your Food Collective Newcastle Hub

Tell us your story, what brought you to Newcastle?
I am from Arizona in the USA. I came over to Australia to study my final year for university in studying public health at Newcastle uni. I met a boy in about week two of being here. Fast forward 13 years and we are happily married with a growing family. I love the beauty and small town feel of Newcastle. 

Do you have a food philosophy?
At our house we make most things from scratch to avoid additives, preservatives and processed sugars. 

What inspires you day-to-day?
Life is short. It is really important to me to enjoy the little things everyday. Having a family also drives me to be the best that I can be.

What brought you to YFC?
I first came to YFC as a casual employee. As soon as I tasted the quality of the produce I was hooked. On my second shift I tasted the best pear of my entire life. When was the last time eating a pear was memorable to you? That is how good it was. 

Local produce at Your Food Collective Newcastle Hub

Do you have a favorite recipe, tell us what you love about it?
One of our family favourites is wood fired pizzas. In the warmer months we have pizza one night every week and invite a neighbour or different family over to enjoy with us. We put out all of the toppings and let everyone make their own. 

Pizza dough:
500g plain flour - also works great with my homemade Gluten free flour
10g yeast
5g sugar or sweetener of your choice
300g water

Thermomix version:
1) Weigh in all of the ingredients - mix sp4/10 Seconds
2) Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes
3) kneed 2 minutes
4) let the dough prove until it has doubled in size. This time varies depending on the weather
Press your dough out into your preferred sizes using a little extra flour to stop it from sticking to our work surface. 

What do you like about the work you do with YFC?
I like meeting the farmers and producers and hearing their stories. It is always exciting to talk with people that are passionate about what they do. 

Tell us what you're looking forward to? 
Now that it is warming up, we love to make fresh juices and smoothies.

So next time your down at the Hub be sure to give our Whit a big high-five for doing an absolutely amazing job with your orders each week :) Also, follow us on Instagram for Whitney's weekly HUB updates! 

Local Emily Heath
Emily Heath

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different
Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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