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    Clever Cooking - Chicken 2 Ways

    by Bronni Page

    Local Clever Cooking - Chicken 2 Ways

    We all love a two-for-one deal, right? And that counts in the kitchen, too! Whether you class it as being frugal, savvy or just plain smart, it makes sense (and saves precious time) to double-down on your dinner-time recipes whenever you can.

    Winner, winner

    As a chicken dinner is always a winner, we've got 2 recipes for you using one whole free-range chicken . Enjoy a classic roasted chicken one night, then create a fabulous Vietnamese-style pho using an easy-to-make broth with the carcass and a little reserved white meat later in the week. Clever, huh?

    Recipe 1: Roasted Chicken with Burnt Citrus

    Local citrus is soooo good this time of year, so let's go with a tangy Roasted Chicken with Burnt Citrus for your first chicken meal.

    Fresh local Ingredients needed for Roasted Chicken recipe from Your Food Collective

    Feel free to roast up some root veg like potato, celeriac  and sweet potato to accompany your roasted chicken.

    To get ready for the Pho, our second recipe, reserve the carcass and 1-2 cups of chicken meat after you've enjoyed your roast.

    Roast chicken recipe from local producer Hunter Natural at Your Food Collective

    Recipe 2: Chicken Broth Pho

    For our second chicken meal, let's go with a soul-warming pho. Pho - a soup dish consisting of broth, noodles, herbs, and meat - is so popular in it's home country of Vietnam that it's their national dish!

    Once you've tried this version, based on a recipe from YFC friend and Master Chef alumni Reece Hignell we reckon it will be on regular rotation at your place too.

    Ingredient kit for pho recipe using fresh local produce at Your Food Collective

    To create our pho, we've made a few simple tweaks to Reece's original recipe, like using the chicken carcass to make the broth, and adding the reserved chicken meat toward the end of cooking time. Oh, and for extra yum, we've added a fried egg per serve too.

    Double-Down Lowdown

    Ready to double down with your cooking this week? While it takes a little forward thinking, creating more than one meal from one key ingredient saves on time, food wastage and wondering what the heck to have for dinner mid-week!

    Give this a go and let us know how you went. And if you want to save even  more time, choose our home delivery option to get the best of fresh, local produce delivered straight to your door!

    Local Bronni Page
    Bronni Page

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