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HELLO SUMMER: Your Guide to eating with the Seasons

Local HELLO SUMMER: Your Guide to eating with the Seasons

Summer lovin'

Who doesn’t love summer, beach days, warm nights lounging on the deck and that easy feeling.

The year’s on the downhill and it’s time to cruze.

For us it’s the smell of jasmine on the streets, the feeling of sand between your toes and a whole lot of trails, yeah!

Excitingly it’s also a great time for produce. The fields are a buzz with spring crops that are starting to mature and all those delicious fruits you’ve been dreaming of are almost ready. Milk production is in full swing and kombucha has set a cracking pace.

Udder Farm Milk at Your Food Collective

So here’s what to look out for when you’re loving a local summer.

One key thing to remember is that fruit takes time to ripen so be patient, all of those mangoes, melons and berries you see in the supermarkets in November and December have come from our tropical north where it’s summer all year long! Yikes the transport!!!

Local varieties will start to trickle in around October starting with stone fruit and then everything else will slowly follow. You’ll find that local varieties are often smaller but all the more tastier so worth the wait. And if you’re getting them directly from growers you know where your money’s going!

My number one tip for keeping it local is to love everything whilst it’s here and then move onto the next delight. So rather than bang, having everything all once, for us it’s a slow trickle and it makes it so much more exciting when things arrive.

Fruits to look out for in order of their appearance through the summer are






Table Grapes (yes we’ll have 36 varieties to see you through until March)








LocalFruite box from Your Food Collective

There is so much to delight us! Most fruits have a short season so get creative and learn how to preserve things to help stretch the season. Even if its just freezing things it’s a start!

Summer vegetables are also amazing but the same thing applies, everything good takes time so just be patient.

The real stars of the show come out in January like:







Local Veggie Box from Your Food Collective

Again take it slow and enjoy what’s around when it’s here. In the mean time spice things up with amazing greens and delicious treats like smoked fish, feta and local salami.

Smoked Fish from Your Food Collective

You can’t go wrong if you stick to local.

Happy snorkeling!

And here is a little something to get you in the mode!

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