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    How to create your best ever BBQ - this weekend!

    by Bronni Page

    Local How to create your best ever BBQ - this weekend!

    It's almost summer and the weekends are feeling long, warm and cruisy - you know what that means?

    Yep, it's time to gather your mates and family together for the great Aussie tradition of a weekend BBQ. But even though - for many of us -barbequing is in the blood, there's barbequing and then there's best -ever barbequing! You want the second one, right? Thought so.

    In that case, it's time to grab your best novelty apron, crank your summer playlist and head outside to the BBQ. We've got you covered with hot tips for a summer celebration that sizzles!

    Think ahead

    While there's nothing like a spontaneous gathering involving food, it pays to get organised ahead of time once the invite's gone out. First stop - the food! When you place your YFC order by 8am, we can home deliver your goodies (or have them ready for collection) the next weekday. Cool, huh? We've also made it easy for you to please a crowd with our Local BBQ Packs.

    Before the weekend arrives, check you have enough gas/charcoal for the BBQ and give it a clean if needed. Obvious stuff, but please tell me I'm not the only one who's bee-lined to the BBQ with a tray full of meats and a house full of guests, only to realise I need a new gas bottle...

    Dip right in

    Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash

    Doing nibbles right can be as simple as offering a selection of ready-made dips, raw veggie sticks and crackers. It's a weekend, after all. It's meant to be relaxing and stress-free!

    Barbecue like a boss

    Have you been 'burnt' by memories of crucified meat? No-one likes a charred sausage, and thankfully the days of 'turn n burn' are gone. While whacking something on the barbie sounds like a breeze, barbecuing actually takes patience and concentration, in that order. Remember:

    • Bring meat to be at room temperature before cooking
    • Wait for your BBQ to get as hot as possible before putting meats on
    • Do not season until you are ready to cook
    • Turn meat only once. (This changes direction of juices, as well as to prevent drying out on the underside.)
    • Once cooked to your liking, rest meats for 2-3 minutes on a plate before serving

    Move over, meat lovers!

    With more and more people either dabbling or fully immersing themselves into plant based eating, you'll want to offer some tasty non-meat options. We've got an amazing range of BBQ friendly plant-based patties and sausages which will have all you guests drooling! Check out the range here.

    Simple sides

    Keep your cool with some easy yet delicious side dishes to accompany your meats. Truly, when you use fresh and local produce you really don't need to do much more - let the natural colours, flavours and textures speak for themselves. Rip up some crunchy lettuce, toss in some seasonal herbs, sliced tomatoes and avocado chunks and throw in a big salad bowl. Dress with a squeeze of citrus and a splash of olive oil. Done!

    Having said that, if you're not a natural 'freestyler' and prefer a recipe to guide you, we are loving this Easy Summer Salad right now.

    Veggies first

    In summer, we are spoilt for choice with an amazing variety of vegetables, and most of them love the BBQ! Place some thinly sliced zucchini, sweet potato, eggplant  on the BBQ. You can leave whole corn in the husk or go green with halved buk choy or iceburg lettuce straight on the grill.

    Our Warehouse Manager, Gemma (who's also a trained chef) recommends barbequing your veggies before your meats, then using them as a warm or even cold side salad. Post cooking is also the time to flavour your barbecued vegetables with oils, herbs, spices and whatever flavourings you fancy.

    It's all about condiments, baby

    Nothing elevates a humble burger or a simple sausage sandwich than a dollop of a good quality sauce. Go old school with a tangy tomato ketchup or BBQ sauce, or go wild with more exotic condiment like a specialty relish. Explore the curated sauce and condiment pantry here.

    Say cheers

    Photo by Julia Zolotova on Unsplash

    Keep the conversation and beverages flowing with a good selection of drinks. Hydrate with sparkly water, kombucha, or juice. Jazz up a jug of plain water with fresh mint, citrus slices or berries to a jug of water.

    Flamin' good desserts

    What better way to celebrate summer than with the best of summer stone fruit. Simply slice up for a platter, or keep the barbie vibe by grilling up some halved peaches or nectarines. Pop 'em cut-side down on your grill for those signature dark lines across the fruit until they soften up a little. You won't even need any sugar, as the cooking will give a lovely sweet, caramel-y flavour. But you will need cream or yoghurt to serve, of course..

    Feel-good food

    It feels good to spend time with friends and family.

    It feels good to have relaxed summer weekends.

    And it also feels good to purchase and showcase amazing local produce!


    • Local food that's travelled less to your plate is fresher and naturally bursting with nutrients, and that feels good to your body.
    • Local food that's supported by locals feels good for our producers and the planet!

    Long live the weekend, and happy barbequing, friends!

    Local Bronni Page
    Bronni Page

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