Your essential guide to a cool, calm and collect(ive!) Christmas

Local Your essential guide to a cool, calm and collect(ive!) Christmas


We reckon it’s 9 parts joyfulfah-lah-lah’s and 1 part festive frenzy!

Thefah-lah-lah’s come from the merry gatherings, the pine-y fragrance of a REAL Christmas Tree and the sparkly, earnest eyes of a child who’s just spotted Santa…

The 1 part festive-frenzy? That’s from the shopping centre crowds, the candy-cane come-down and the brain-freeze over what the heck to get your Mother-in-law!

You wanna work with us on closing the gap? Then grab a cuppa and check out our best tips for keeping calm, cool and collected this Christmas:

1 - Shop small for a big difference

Ditch the big players like chain stores and overwhelming shopping centres. Instead, shop online and local for all your Christmas staples and little extras. You’ll not only save your sanity by avoiding the crowds and parking hassles, but by shopping local you really do nurture small local business - it’s a win-win!


2- Start now, relax now

With a little forward planning, you can avoid turning into a crazy, stressed-out person dashing around the shops on Christmas Eve. Set yourself a deadline well before the 25th of December to have everything sorted - presents purchased and wrapped (where necessary), menu planned, food and drinks ready to go.

Check out our Christmas Hub - you can order amazing fresh and local products NOW and we’ll have it all ready for you to collect on Friday 21st December - how good is that?? 

Come Christmas Day, you’ll be high-fiving yourself big-time for your clever forethought!

Hunter Natural Wood Smoked Leg Ham

3- Keep it cool

Consider your fridge space NOW. Can you accommodate all the extra goodies for the festive season? If not, clean out the spare fridge under the house, beg, borrow or bargain for a few extra eskies or factor in a run to the ice vendor to keep things cool on the day.

4- Give presence

Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliche, but I bet you a jug full of beetroot kombucha your nearest and dearest value time spent with you more than any gift money can buy! Anyway, the stats are out - consumerism and happiness rarely play well together. So rather than stressing over presents, why not amp up yourpresence? Think festive games, cuddles and daggy jokes to share with the people that matter most. 

Here, I’ll get you started: 

Q: Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?

A: A mince spy..!

Christmas at Your Food Collective

5 - Curb your consumerism

While mosts Dads really do need more socks and jocks, consider the wider impact of your gift-giving on the planet. Many activists describe Christmas as ‘the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster’ due to the large amount ‘stuff’ that ends up in landfill after Christmas. Favour gifts that are altogether delightful, useful and kind on the planet.

6 - Keep it real

Of course, we’re all about real food around here, but did you know we can also help you out with a REAL Christmas tree? These gorgeous greenRadiata pines from farmers Kristy and Tony last around 6-8 weeks (with a little TLC) so you can feel festive well into the New Year!  

Your Food Collective Christmas Trees

7- Do what you like

When it comes to creating luscious Christmas fare, play to your strengths and delegate the rest. Love making salads? Then focus on that, and outsource pre-cooked meats such as smoked duck or trout to the experts, like us!

Be prepared with a list of items you’d like guests to contribute when they inevitably ask;‘What can I bring?’This will help share the cost as well.

8- Smash the ‘bring a plate’ dilemma

For the social butterflies, stock up on party favourites such as cheesesolives, cookies and chocolate. You’ll have an impressive ‘bring a plate’ option ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Local Christmas Hamper from Your Food Collective

9- Take it outside

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen - literally! Much us Aussies love a hot roast, the climate is just not cut out for it. Forget sweating up your kitchen and take your cooking outside. Cook your meat on the BBQ or celebrate cold buffet style with smoked chicken, duck or trout.

10- Drink to health

Keep your family and friends well hydrated with a selection of fancy-schmancy, healthy non-alcoholic beverages. And for a conversation-starting burst of festive colour, be sure to include a bottle or two of beetroot kombucha!

11- Everyone loves food

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving and simply choose food. (Seriously, who doesn’t love receiving yummy goodies??) Whether it’s the kids’ teacher, your neighbour or your Mother-in-law, the gift of food is bound to please. And when you choose local fare, you’re helping locals and the planet.

Having visitors? Check out our hampers are chock-full of local fare - perfect to showcase the best of our passionate producers to your out-of-towners.

Local Christmas Hamper at Your Food Collective

12- KISS Christmas

Keep It Simple, Sunshine! Top quality, local produce needs little else to provide a festive WOW factor. And let’s get one thing straight, simple does not mean boring, simple is amazing! Go for one ‘hero’ dish such as amazing roastchicken and complement it with fresh, tasty salads or veges.

13 - Deck the halls - with food

For a fun spin on your Christmas table decor, why not fill a glass bowl or vase with our beautiful red and green apples or pears?

14 - Finish on a wholesome high

Yes, of course we have pudding! And this one tastes good (sensational actually) and does good too - profits go towards several amazing initiatives run through the Adamstown Uniting Church. 

Don’t like sweet stuff? No worries. We’ve got you covered with the best local cheese around.

Adamstown Pudding Kitchen at Your Food Collective

The ripple effect of a real Christmas
You, my friend, have the power to keep your cool and create an awesome Christmas with amazing friends, family and FOOD!  By favouring local for all your Christmas goodies, you’ll give your tastebuds a treat, support producers in your own community and minimise your environmental impact.

Now that’s a real gift that keeps on giving!

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