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Dorpa, Ouessant, Speckled Park, Polled Shorthorn… Things you should know before your next BBQ

As they say the devil is in the detail and when it comes to the food we eat most of us have no idea what those details are... It just arrives, from the supermarket shelf or your mothers fridge (a great source of all things free (and sometimes moldy) well into your thirties!).

I’m not suggesting you do a PhD on the contents of your next BBQ, but start to get to know what you’re eating. What are you actually fueling your body with and at what cost has it arrived on your plate… I’m not just talking about the $9.95 price tag.

What are you eating at Your Food Collective

So, if you haven’t already guess Dorpa, Ouessant, Speckled Park,and Polled Shorthorn are all breeds of sheep and cattle. Words that are second nature for garziers come butcher David and Marianne Carter at Hunter Natural. A beautiful couple who will have more impact on your next BBQ than how often you turn you’re the steaks! And the best thing is they’ve taken care of the details for you! 

 Nestled in the north-western foot hills of the Barrington Range their property, “Bona Vista” has been in the family for over five generations. It’s no surprise that David and Marianne take immense pride in the work they do, holistically looking after their property and creating an amazing natural product.

Hunter Natural at Your Food Collective

The White Box grasslands at Bona Vistaare farmed for the future. Dorpa Sheep and Speckled Park cattle are seasonally rotated across the property in a pattern similar to how wild herds would have moved across the landscape. This holistic approach means the grasslands continually support an amazing diversity of grasses and herbs.

The best part of the story is that farming holistically creates an amazing, natural product that’s better for you, and you can taste the difference!

Beef and lamb fed on diverse pastures have a healthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats and higher levels of vitamin and minerals than grain fed meat that you typically find on a supermarket shelf.

Hunter Natural Unplugged

Paying close attention to detail David then butchers all of his meat himself at their Morpeth butchery.

There are not feed lots, fatty livers, pink dyes, growth hormones and water pumped steaks. It’s simply real food.

See it tastes better knowing, doesn’t it?

Check out the range from Hunter Natural HERE

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