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Meet Tedy - the passion behind Coco Tribe

by Lauren Branson

Local Coco Tribe at Your Food Collective

We recently caught up with the beautiful Tedy, the heart and passion behind CocoTribe. So how do you end up running a coconut ice cream and yoghurt company anyway?

Coco Tribe at Your Food Collective


Tell us your story, what brought you to Sydney?

Sydney is my home town, with a science background and many years working in the pharmaceutical industry I somehow landed owning and running a coconut ice cream and yoghurt company.

Tell us how you ended up knee deep in coconut!

Inspired by a trip to Syria and the theatrical way they serve ice cream, my brother and I started our small business nine years ago making dairy based Middle Eastern ice cream to introduce an authentic version of this exciting product to Australia. In looking for a healthy version of something that we all love, we started experimenting with coconut: something that gives you the rich mouthfeel but without dairy. We now have a full range of ice cream and yoghurt under our, purely coconut, business Coco Tribe that has been going since 2016.

Coco Tribe at Your Food Collective

What inspires you day to day?

Exercising and eating well every single day is very important to me. It sets me up for a positive experience through the day, and also allows me to indulge occasionally. Spreading the positive message through our delicious yoghurts and ice creams gets me out of bed each morning. We all can benefit from better understanding nutrition and goodness of using natural ingredients with minimal additives. Growing the “coco tribe” and spreading our positivity puts a spring in my step.

Coco Tribe at Your Food Collective

Do you have a food philosophy?

Eating well is the key to living well, it is at the core of both physical and social well-being: the elixir of health, love and happiness.

What do you love about YFC?

I love the vast range of local produce (and flowers!) and the fact that it is all hand selected to ensure the best quality arrives at your doorstep. Knowing the hard work that goes into a family business, I love supporting them. YFC family values are strong and well aligned with our Coco Tribe values, including sharing fresh and delicious food. 

What's your go to in the kitchen at the moment?

If I have fresh bread, lemons, tomatoes, avocados, berriesand Coco Tribe Natural Yoghurt, then all is well. 

Coco Tribe in the Kitchen

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to launching our new range of Coco Tribe Coconut Milk Flavoured Drinks. High in protein and each of the five flavours having a unique functional benefit thanks to the addition of medicinal mushrooms. We cannot wait to share these with you and our broader Tribe in the coming months.

Local Lauren Branson
Lauren Branson

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