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Local food at Your Food Collective

Broad Beans with Vacon and Homemade GF gnocchi

To celebrate broad beans this spring Cherie has come up with this delicious Vacon recipe that will be a winner with even the fussiest eaters. 

Broad beans are not only delicious but a great source of protein, fibre, folate and B vitamins. The perfect option for vegetarians and people with busy active lives.

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Local Honey Cake at Your Food Collective

Honey Cake, ooooooh yeah!

The thing I love the most about staying at other peoples places is looking through their cook books. It's always great getting fresh ideas and seeing what your besties are into.  

This recipe actually came from one of my Dad books and was just what we needed for a spring afternoon tea. It's perfect on it's own but even more delicious with a dollop of cream!

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Chicken Broth at Your Food Collective

Chicken Broth - Pho here I come...

Broth love is growing and chicken is often a great one to start with if you're new to broth. Thanks to @reecehignell for his broth secrets! 
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Stir Fry 101 at Your Food Collective

Stir Fry 101

hat’s your go to for a quick meal that ticks all the boxes?

With fast, busy lives and no time to prepare meals it’s hard to go past a stir fry.

What’s not to love?

  • ready in 15min max
  • no prep necessary
  • you can put just about anything into them
  • meals full of colour and crunch so you know your getting all the nutrients you need
  • they’re prefect with chilli (and who doesn’t love chilli?)
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Myrtle and pepper Fine Chocolates at Your Food Collective

Myrtle and Pepper Fine Chocolates Unplugged

April 16, 2019

So with good chocolate on the mind we caught up with our favourite local chocolatier Rachel from Myrtle and Pepper Fine Chocolates in Lorn. Rachel has a beautiful story and one that will have you licking your lips for delicious, local chocolate when you finish your scroll!!
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6 Cheeses that will change your life!

6 Cheeses that will change your life!

November 15, 2018

I tried all our Hunter Belle cheeses so you don’t have to… but after reading this you’ll surely want to! Let’s just start by saying… it was a tough gig! 6 delicious local cheeses over 5 days… spare a thought. :) I asked Lauren if there is some kind of method to this, you know 'start with the soft and work your way up to the hard' and she advised me to just dig in… and start eating… so that's what I did.

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October 04, 2018

A gastronomic journey through Italy’s finest bread, made right here in Newcastle! Bacco or Baccus is, in the ancient mythology, the god of wine, viticulture and fruit growing in general, and represents all the nature in its various manifestations. Baccos' passion and commitment is to create clean and healthy products that compliment wines, cheeses, oils and good food.

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The drought sux but how bad is bad…

The drought sux but how bad is bad…

August 14, 2018

The drought sux but how bad is bad… Living in the city we are so removed from what’s happening on the land around us and yes I’m talking about the drought. It becomes dry scenery on a Sunday drive, a half finished radio story or a segment of the nightly news that flashes past you whilst you’re grabbing a beer...
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Bronni at Your Food Collective

Local Champion Bronni Page Unplugged

June 04, 2019

Always a smiling face around and hub and for ever networking, Bronni is a woman of many talents. We managed to steel a quite moment with her to find out what love and fast food (not in a KFC kind of way) have to do with life in Newcastle...
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Meet Jackie: an amazing mum and conscious consumer!

Meet Jackie: an amazing mum and conscious consumer!

April 30, 2019

We caught up with the amazing Jackie Sales recently to learn a little bit more about how she juggles three boys (and a fourth on the way) whilst sticking to her guns when it comes to minimal packaging, supporting local and building a supportive community around her. 
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Thea at Your Food Collective

Thea Druitt Unplugged

April 09, 2019

The kids and I have a little tradition of making Hot Heart Buns, I love baking these because they fill my house with their amazing smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves-all very warming.
It reminds me of springtime in the northern hemisphere and that summer is on the way.
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The best you at Your Food Collective

The top 5 for getting more out of everything you do

October 07, 2019

We all want to be our best; kicking goals at work, achieving PB’s at our chosen hobbies and finding quite moments at home.

Let’s face it life is too short for anything else.

At YFC we want to give you the best chance of nailing every day so we’ve narrowed it down to 5 simple things you can do that will have you bouncing out of bed each morning and smashing it!

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Why Local is King when it comes to food and the future...

Why Local is King when it comes to food and the future...

September 23, 2019

But there’s one thing that trumps all when it comes to food and it’s local, but not just any local YFC local!

By shopping YFC local you’re..

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The Next Generation at Your Food Collective

Millennial Food Trends – The Next Bite

August 27, 2019

It finally dawned on me (yes I’m a slow mover) that I’m not 20 something any more, I’m ok with that ( I think…)

but it made me realise that there was a whole generation that actually are in their 20’s and rocking it!

I didn’t know anything about the kids who are going to be shaping our world in a few years and arguably already are…

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Food Myths Busted at Your Food Collective

FOOD MYTHS BUSTED – The low down on Organic, Spray Free, Pesticide Free and Conventional Growing.

July 29, 2019

When you’re passionate about all things food and fuelling up on the right stuff, it’s important to understand how food is grown and what that actually means. There are so many different definitions - all open to interpretation - which makes it easy to get lost in the details. 

To help you out we had a chat with some of our producers to find out what it all means and understand a bit more about how your food is really grown.

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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Your Food Collective - Why we're different

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